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jess131 | 13:30 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | Law
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I am the claimant in a divorce which ended up at a court hearing October 2023 and we agreed on a financial settlement there and then. 

When I applied for the divorce it was on a paper base but it was at the time when the courts had a new portal system. Which has now caused an issue in my proceedings.


I received my nisi June 2022. An application was then made for the absolute. As there was a timescale of over 12 months between the nisi and absolute the solicitors had to apply for leave from the court. The judge at my hearing decided she would give her permission for us to apply out of time. My solicitor didn’t want her to do this but the judge insisted. My solicitor drew up the order for the judge to approve and sign, it was never signed. I have now had to sign a statement and the solicitor will now upload it to the court portal.

I feel that all the way through my hearing with this judge, she was in no way supportive. My solicitor had to fight all the way through this. I know the judge is there for both parties but I felt she was having a really ‘bad day’ and that we were just a nuisance to her. And for now to learn that she has not even signed my order has made me more disappointed with her, to the fact that I am wondering whether it is worth putting in a complaint about her. Not so much with what I was awarded with, it’s the fact that her conduct and competence was to me unacceptable.

Is it possible to put a complaint in about a judge?



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You cancomplain about a judge in certain circumstances, you might find this helpful

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