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Confused About Lpa

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Redhelen72 | 15:15 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Law
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So himself has got the key and opened the LPA for his mother, and discovered that he can act alone (without his brother)

but what we are unsure of he he phones his mother bank and gives the LPA code does that mean he is now responsible for his mother's account or can she still carry on as she has been.

the problem is whilst there is an obvious deterioration we don't feel that she needs us to step in entirely just to help out.

Unfortunately there is no way she can pass telephone security for us to talk on her behalf 



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I recently did this for my dad when he still had mental capacity but was too unwell to ho to the bank. I registered the epa with nationwide and they wrote to both of us   saying it was registered (took about 10 days). Then I went in and clicked the accounts (which I'd what he wanted me to do). He could still do everything too

closed the account not clicked!

The donor can still act without the attorney's involvement as long as she retains mental capacity.  See the top of page 5 here:

If the LPA has been activated, the attorney can now act on behalf of the donor but, while she still retains mental capacity, only with her consent.

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Thank you very much. She still wants to be in charge but we have our doubts that she is capable so just wanted to get the ducks in a row

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Confused About Lpa

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