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Civil Injuction Scotland Uk

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tiacoco | 20:36 Tue 31st Oct 2023 | Law
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Can anyone help me how i get a civil injuction against my neighbour.

My neighbour as been intimadating my wife for months.

We got police to talk to him on the 25th may, then again this month when they charged him with section 38 breach of the peace.

I know this wont stop him therefore can i/we take out a civil injuction against him as i am worried for my wife.

In scotland so scots law.

If anyone can help me 



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It's an 'interdict', rather than an injunction, in Scotland.

This might help:

I am sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but I want to say to you - well done for your efforts to support and help your wife. 

My neighbour frightened and intimated me for 2 years and my husband treated him like a long lost friend.  No support for me  whatsoever, no help, no acknowledgement that I might be distressed. 

My husband was cowardly and weak, and would not stand up to this man.  

I hope you and your wife can soon find a resolution to your problem with the neighbour.  

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Civil Injuction Scotland Uk

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