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Epc And Section 21

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mondee | 10:39 Wed 10th Jun 2020 | Law
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Hi there. I have a house that is tenanted with one family. I was about to get an EPC certificate and then Covid hit. So, this is still in the pipeline. The house is in reasonable condition but before Christmas last year my tenant refused to let me replace the aluminium windows with UPVC. The rent is very cheap, and she does not want me to raise the rent. She is an absolute pain and I now want to sell the house. I need to get the EPC certificate done before I serve her the Section 21 (giving 3 months’ notice).

My question is this. Will I still be able to serve her the Section 21 Notice if the certificate comes back as a F grade. Will I be fined if I get the F grade while trying to get her out and while trying to sell the house?


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Epc And Section 21

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