Her Majesty's Spectacles

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Stargazer | 22:15 Sun 12th Apr 2020 | Law
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Has she had an operation as she has always been seen I glasses and suddenly the are no longer there?


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Her Majesty had cataract surgery in 2018.
Does she wear contacts now then?
Perhaps she now only wears glasses for close work.
Maybe. I'll ask her next time I see her.
It's possible to get your eyesight corrected as part of a cataract procedure - it was offered as a routine option to a friend who had an NHS cataract op.
Really Dave, with 94?? year old eyes?
My vision was greatly improved after cataract surgery to the extent that I no longer require spectacles for long distance and easily pass the vision test for driving. I now only wear reading glasses for very fine print.
I cannot claim my eyes are 94 years old, more like 72 ☺☺☺
permanent Lenses inserted at time of surgery?

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Her Majesty's Spectacles

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