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Goodsoulette | 00:19 Sat 22nd Feb 2020 | Law
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I have a friend who works for Costa. He has been added to their store group chat which the managers use to relay messages, give the odd group telling off etc It seems that Costa are so tight on budget and hours that they don’t like have any money for staff meetings or handover periods so it’s all conducted on WhatsApp as even the area managers relay to their store managers using it.
Unfortunately, my friend who is a young lad, he likes to party and has now twice been disciplined for leaving video clips on the group chat. Now on his final warning. He’s not been rude or abusive?
I’ve told him to just leave the group chat. They can’t force him to be a part of it but can he really be fairly disciplined for his conduct out of hours? it’s not a public social media?


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>>> but can he really be fairly disciplined for his conduct out of hours

Yes, if it impacts in any way upon his work (such as making a serious work forum appear trivial by posting irrelevant or inappropriate videos to it).
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I find it unfair. You’re forced to take work home with you and penalised when you’re inappropriately telling everyone how “peng” they are!
If you want a serious work forum don’t use something so informal. Plus surely GDPR shouldn’t allow the sharing of your phone number to everyone who works in the store? He doesn’t want to be seen an uncooperative by just leaving the group ... I think he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.
He's been disciplined twice for doing it.

If he does it again and loses his job one would have to conclude he's not too bright.

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Whatsapp Work Group Chat Conduct

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