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Brothers Ex Alleging He Has Sent Her Abusive Texts

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Banana1979 | 12:37 Mon 14th Oct 2019 | Law
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I don't know where to start really. My brother had a volatile relationship with a woman in 2015 until 2017 and at the end of their relationship they both exchanged a series of angry text messages toward each other-he was convicted of harassment as he had sent her 50 messages in the space of two weeks, and she was cautioned. She was also granted a restraining order.
After he received the restraining order she repeatedly visited his workplace, up to 3 times a week without buying anything or speaking to him, and each time he had to go out back until she left, this happened for about a month until he was forced to ask the police to ask her to stop. It was a supermarket and she travelled out of her way to go there despite there being the another of the same supermarket nearer to her home.
Since then he has done much to better himself, he left his job to start afresh, settled with a new partner and became a dad. Talking to him over the past couple of years he has always expressed fear that she would lie about him breaking the restraining order because she knows he is with someone else. The ex and her mother has harassed his new partner by repeatedly driving past her, doubling back, then driving past her again, and following her into shops. She said she called 101 on one occasion but it was left on file, as she wasn't sure it actually amounted to harassment. The ex had also alleged that abusive messages were sent to her phone previously by unknown numbers however these were not followed through as there was no evidence they were from him

In October 2018 she made an allegation that she received a series of abusive text messages, some threatening rape, and including her boyfriends address and signed off with my brothers name, and alleged that someone has been repeatedly pressing their buzzer on their front door but do not know who it is
My brother has been on the phone crying stating if it was him and signing the messages off with his name then why would he need to use another number other than his own. Why would he break his restraining order when he has so much to lose. He also said that she had threatened to do this before and now he thinks he is going to prison and going to lose his family.
Can the police charge him if they have zero evidence he sent those messages?


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If he hasn't done it they can't prove it.
after a year, it seems unlikely anythig will happen

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Brothers Ex Alleging He Has Sent Her Abusive Texts

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