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indie_chick5 | 11:07 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Law
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I am asking this on behalf of my brother, who make a part-payment for 2 x tickets to Camp Bestival 2019. He is requesting a refund and to cancel his payment plan and is being asked to prove his wife's 'personal medical issue'. It looks like the festival is in financial trouble with lots of people requesting refunds and cancellations. Does anyone know please, are they legally allowed to request this information, and where does he stand on getting his money back? He paid on debit card unfortunately, no with a credit card. Any advice will be very gratefully received, thank you.


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What do the ticket terms and conditions say about refunds? Legally I would say that the ticket seller can set what terms they like including no refunds whatsoever for any cause. If they do allow refunds for certain reasons including medical ones, why would they not require proof?
If you are offering your wife's medical condition as a reason for your refund request, the organisers are entitled to ask for proof - a letter from your GP should suffice.

They may not be obliged to refund under any circumstances, and festival and concert organisers usually include in the small print the reasons they will, and will not accept for refunds.
I would probably agree with Wolfgang look at the terms and conditions of the tickets. Ithe doesn't seem unreasonable to ask for proof either. I'm not sure paying on a cc would have helped as essentially you've just changed your mind
This event is not for 9 months.

I think it reasonable for a company to ask what medical condition can affect a person going to an event in 9 months time.

I realise it may be a serious long term medical condition so assume there is hospital and doctors letters etc so there should be no problem sending them in as "proof".

My son has a disability and goes to numerous rock festivals (Download etc) and always has to send in proof of his disability to get a "free" ticket for his carer and a disabled parking space.
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Thanks for all of your help xx

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Festival Ticket Refund

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