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Can Anyone Help Me Please Read Description For My Charges Against Me

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KyeG_97 | 15:59 Fri 28th Apr 2017 | Law
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Hello, I don't no how to explain this fully, but I was with my ex partner we use to argue a lot mostly which she caused because she has bipolar and doesn't take medication to treat it, one day we had a arguement and she was trashing the house up whilst her kid was in the bed with me watching a Disney film I put on to keep the kid happy. As she carried no on and on because I was ignoring her as I was sick and tired of her I told her I'm leaving her and simply passed her kid to her because she made her cry by shouting and trashing things I am not the kids father so I simply handed her kid to her st the bottom of the bed and said I'm done sort your child out which she didn't like me saying. I then stood up and put my shoes on and went to walk out she was stood in front of me holding her kid I tried going passed her several times without any kind of force she then pushed me as I was putting more force each time not too much as I new she had the kid in her arms then she grabbed me with her spare hand and I tried pulling her arm off of me with abit more force as she locked me in the house she told me I ent going no where and to sit the *** down. We were pushing and shoving in the process of me trying to get passed her to get out of the house abs I was done and was upset and didn't want to live like it anymore as I'm only 19 and she is 24. As I nearly got passed her by forcing myself round her she then dropped her kid with the arm she was holiding the kid in and then she put both hands on me for more force to push me in the bed room to keep me in as she new ignore I went I wouldn't be coming back ever again. As we were pushing and shoving more the kid got knocked over by her back/ bum. We both then stopped and then the kid had fell over an drew hit her head as she hadn't a lump. My ex partner then shouted at we kid telling her to get in her room so she did there was no bleeding signs or nothing just a lump on her forehead. It then carried on with the shoving and blocking me she then closed the door and stood infront of it I seen a gap at the side of her and kicked the door 3 times bare in mind the door had already had holes and things. I just made them worse same as few other doors around the house. We had plenty of arguments she caused and both her and I had broke things then made up but not this time it was me being done with her. I then kicked the door through off its hinges outwards and forced myself passed her whilst she was pulling my clothes etc etc I then got down stairs and she then ran following literally rite behind me she then grabbed the keys out as I only tried the handle which didn't open the door as it wasn't locked by keys and a chain. I went to the back door and she done the same she kept me in and wouldn't let me out. I then broke another door by just warning her that I'm not joking and I'm serious about things that I can tell be there and don't want to be there but she wasn't having none of it saying she wouldn't be able to cope without me and that she wouldn't be able to look after her own kids without me. I then had to text my brother and sister to come and get me then my brother come and she then had to unlock and open the door to let him in. He came in and got me and I left then I went round my brothers a shag I was crying and upset and having a break down. I then get arrested by 8 police officers for apparently throwing repeatedly the kid around and common assault against my ex partner and 2 criminal damages form 2 different date of times. I admitted to causing the damage but only because I wasn't locked in and couldn't get out and that I felt trapped. I said not guilty for gbh which is for apparently throwing the kid around causing that lump and common assault as I never later a finger on any of them part from me pushing past... well trying. I got remanded then let out of prison within 8 days of me being in there. My ex partner has done the same with her previous partners which is logged on the police syst


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You need a solicitor urgently, far too complicated to sort out on here!
Best advice you've ever given Eddie.
A few weeks ago someone on AB was trying to find out if there's a limit to the amount you can write in a post. I think we just found out
Limit is 4,000 characters/spaces.
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Hello people, yeah it wouldn't let me write anymore but there's plenty more lol, sorry for the crap I just want to try and o what will happen and things and im in crown court for sentencing also I have a family court hearing in the magestrates as Ive been called as an interveniour however you spell it I've called for a witness basically her kids have been took off her as I've told them what she's like and what she's done as I've witnessed her hit her kids before and plenty of other people have, she's done this to her 2 ex boy friends aswell and got order put against them, they did send me to prison first but they released me after 8/9 days on being in there with bail I have gbh, common assault and 2 criminal damages she locked me in the house etc etc pushed me on the bed so I broke a few things to show I wanted to get out and didn't want this life with her which I didn't have a life with her constantly pulling me down and being a unfit nasty mother to her two lovely kids:/ I have solicitors for both courts family side and criminal side but they hardly get in contact with me. Her kids have been getting her since 2012 and I was only with her in end on 2016 for 5 months she's got mental health problems and seriously is messed up and doesn't take her medicstion for bipolar. Her kids have been took off her now and I'm standing against her fighting for her kids to be put somewhere else where they can be spoilt and have the beatbox life possible. Thanks for the answers people I really really appreciate it
^ Even more reason to get a solicitor , this is a very complicated case.
Just one thing I can tell you, in a case like this the court ONLY HAS ONE course of action. That is to do 'Whatever is in the best interest of the children' No other decision is even possible , the best interest of the child/children overrides ALL other considerations. It is up to the court to decide what the 'best interests' are.
The Crown Court will sentence you and refer the children's future to the family court.
Just wanted to add the comment that massive blocks of text put people off reading altogether. (Maybe it's different for those in the legal profession.) Putting each point in a separate paragraph helps encourage folk to read through and grasp the issue(s).
Question Author
Okay thanks people also sorry about the long description I just want to see what people's thought will be on what will happen to me overall? Will I go jail even tho shes said few lies already? Will I get tag, community service and a fine? My records clean part from 1 criminal damage last year
Question Author
I'm 19 years old and don't want to be spending my 20's in jail specially for something's I didn't do, just for the gbh charge that's 9-16 years can be a life sentence
Hi Kye, you need Barmaid, or New Judge to see this question and give you an answer. Keep checking back and hopefully they will see it. Good Luck.
have you been found guilty? If so what of? You say you are due for sentencing, which makes me think you have already been found guilty

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Can Anyone Help Me Please Read Description For My Charges Against Me

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