How To Find Out Who Somebody's Creditors Are

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Whyisitsohard | 14:17 Thu 20th Apr 2017 | Law
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I did a CCJ search on a third party through trust-online and found out that he has 3 unsatisfied debts. I know the debtor's name and address at the time of the judgments, I know the dates and amounts of the judgments, I know the case numbers, the courts where they were granted but I cannot find out how to identify the creditors. I want to tell them that their debtor is now living near me. I want them to be able to contact him and try to recover their money because he is being a very bad neighbour to me. I just want to help justice be done and the creditors get their money, but HOW?!


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Possibly write to the relevant Courts giving the reference numbers of the cases and giving the debtor's details.
They will know what to do next.
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Sorry, jackthehat, but there is no compunction on a court to do that, and in this case they refused flatly.
Please note, the search results do not contain any details of the claimant. This information is available, to the defendant, from the relevant county court.
The claimants' details are no concern of yours so the court won't give you the details.
Have you looked at to see if your neighbour's details are there? If they are, the creditors can find him just as easily.

They may well have written the debts as unrecoverable
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I believe you have to put in the place where the people live in order to search The creditors would have to know they live away over here, which is a very long way from the debtors' address when the orders were made, or else search for them in every area. Anyway, they are not in I am aware from my own professional knowledge of all the 'cannots'. This question was a last hope for a 'Here's something you CAN do.' There's probably nothing but it was worth a try.

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How To Find Out Who Somebody's Creditors Are

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