Personal Injuries Trust Funds

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sammmo | 18:24 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | Law
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my daughter has just been awarded personal injuries compensation. Her solicitor says she should open out a personal injuries trust fund. This will cost £600 is she uses her solicitor. My question is can she do it herself or do she need the solicitor to do it. Thanks for your answers in advance.


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Theoretically your sister could do the paperwork herself but setting up a bare trust isn't simple and I'd certainly advise against attempting to do so. (I used to write wills for a living, so I'm reasonably confident with formal paperwork, but I wouldn't try to draw up a trust on my own).

Solicitors often charge over £1000 to set up a trust, so £600 seems quite reasonable to me. There'd be no harm in 'shopping around' though, possibly giving this guy a call:
Why does the solicitor say that? Unless she is putting benefits at risk and assuming she is an adult why cant she just manage her own money?
I'd guess that the solicitor is following the same line of thinking as the one in my link above does.

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Personal Injuries Trust Funds

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