Caveat Without Good Reason

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Dcppost | 15:38 Sat 18th Mar 2017 | Law
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My wife's father died recently leaving a will from 2003 which named my wife and her sister as equal beneficiaries and naming both as executors. My wife's sister's husband is a meddling busybody who bombards everyone he encounters with complaints, legal threats, nuisance letters etc. Following some harassment from him, father added a codicil to the will removing sister in law as executor for the reason that her husband would interfere in the proper conduct of the estate. He documented this reason in a signed note. At the same time, he had his solicitor write a cease and desist letter to brother in law.

Fast forward to now. Brother in law has entered a caveat against probate. No reason given. He won't talk to us about it. Refuse to communicate in any way.

Estate is simple, all in cash in bank accounts. All monies accounted for. Sisters have 50 50 split of inheritance. What can he possibly object to? How does he have the right to stop a will that he has no direct interest in? Lawyer advised issuing warning and we now have sealed warning from Leeds, but I'm afraid that by issuing the warning we will be committed to going down a legal route. Is there no screening process to kick out frivolous or vexatious caveats? Where do we go from here?

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Caveat Without Good Reason

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