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Statutory Limitations For Seeking Legal Redress?

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VenalWinfrey | 14:23 Sun 30th Nov 2014 | Law
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A very close friend of mine has just told me of an incident that occurred to him some years back. He was wrongly accused by the police of not possessing insurance on a vehicle. He was subsequently asked to present evidence at a police station, which he did. He was then summoned to court at a later date as the police denied he had ever presented insurance confirmation. The incident took place in December 2010. After successfully getting a friend (a police officer) to intervene and secure confirmation documents, the matter was dropped. This was, however, after legal advice had been sought, and therefore substantial charges incurred. Written confirmation of everything has been retained.

My question is: is my friend within statutory time limitations to seek some sort of financial redress, either from the insurance company - for failing to disclose insurance details when requested - or from the police (for failing to acknowledge, until forced by a member of staff, that documents had been duly submitted for their attention)?

If this is a matter for his MP please advise. But all I really wanted to know was, does he still have time to seek redress for this issue, which cost him time, money and distress through no fault of his own?

Any suggestions gratefully received, thank you!!


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The general rule is three years after becoming aware of the 'injury' or three years after reaching the age of 18, whichever is later.
Very unlikely he can do anything even if it is in time. To sue the police or insurance company he would have to prove that there was actual negligence not just mistakes and confusion .

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Statutory Limitations For Seeking Legal Redress?

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