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Vinly Floor Covering

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kyle987 | 06:16 Sat 08th Jun 2013 | Law
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One is the flooring of my flat which I'm living in several years now. I am going to submit again to the PRTB. The issue been the vinyl covering has always been loose. Floating is a terminology for this. I really appreciate a clean space to live. So whenever I'd mop the vinyl floor covering the water went underneath. This is really a cleaning and hygiene hazard. As dirty water underneath leads to flies. It was left up to me to ask the agent if he would fix it, which over a 2 year period he did'nt, and in my opinion was and is only there to disturb the peace when any request was made. No further abuse will be tolerated from the agent. He will never be allowed entry again without or with consent.

I am therefore asking is there any hygiene standard for unfixed, warped, unsealed vinyl flooring. The space is only around 1x1 meter, enough for 1 person. And there is no door so its almost like a bedsit. Bedsits I believe were outlawed recently in Ireland. I could understand fully given any unsealed floorings.

In the USA and Canada there is some hygiene standards in place for kitchen flooring spaces to be sealed, and for businesses in Ireland that sell food to the public. Is this not in place for tenants?

If not I believe in todays day and age, this should be put in law.

As this is a question on legal rights in this day and age, any further info from lawyers or solicitor would be appreciated.



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It might be best if you clarify where you live.
If you are based in England or Wales this is probably an Assured shorthold tenancy if it was signed after February 1997 and the agreement does not say otherwise. Your agreement will state what repairs the Landlord or agent must carry out and when inspections by the Landlord or his agent can take place if the agreement comes under English/Welsh law; however you speak of the PRTB and bedsits in Ireland. If you are based in Ireland you need to make this clear as the law differs between Ireland and England/Wales
i would imagine that no matter where you live, you can't legally refuse entry to the owner's agent, assuming they give you the proper notice.
one question that springs to mind - if things are so terrible(?!) then why don't you find somewhere that has a kitchen floor that meets your (rather exacting) standards and move there?
If the two years you are living there is so terrible because of the 1sqm floor, then why can't you just stick it down?
I have vinyl floor covering in my kitchen, I don't mop it I clean it with Dettol floor wipes so no water goes underneath.............
I agree with bednobs, get some decent adhesive and glue it down. 1 meter square is a tiny space. I've never heard of damp floorboards attracting flies - mould yes. Just stick it down, or ask the landlord if he'll let you replace it. YOu'll be able to get a remnant if it's that small. To be honest I wouldn't mop that small, I'd do it with a damp cloth.
^ as craft says, disinfectant wipes are ideal.

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Vinly Floor Covering

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