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How do I deal with a creepy delivery guy who claims my dog bit him?

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traci045 | 18:23 Mon 21st May 2012 | Law
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I was gone one Sunday evening when my roommate ordered pizza and my dog snuck out the front door and bit him when he arrived. My dog has never clamped down and bit anyone before - only a few nips (which I'm working on w/ some training, etc). Even my roommate didn't think it was bad. The guy said "ow" but didn't say anything else and was fine. My roommate apologized like crazy and the guy went on his way.

Four days later, my roommate gets a call from this guy saying he is going to the urgent care to get his bite checked out and needed to know the dog's vaccine history and such. She emails me telling me I should call this guy and provide him with my vet information, etc. I call (and I am freaking out because I love my dog and am scared of what could happen) and apologize to this guy because I hadn't talked to him since we thought the most my dog did was nip at him. The guy said he didn't want to cause any problems or anything and was only concerned w/ his own health. He said that it was getting worse and didn't want it to get infected and such and that the doctor needed my vet's information so they could call and confirm his vaccine history. So I texted him my vet's name and number and my name and my dog's name.

I get a text from him a few minutes later saying that everything is clear and that anything to do with the dog (filing a report) is up to him and he told me he had no interest in pursuing anything. He thanked me for the help and said he'd be fine.

I texted him back saying thank you and that I was so sorry. I asked if there were any payments he had to make and if so I would be happy to cover them. He told me there was a co-pay and that he needed to get a new pair of pants (which baffled me because that would have taken some SERIOUS strain against him on my dog's part and I bet my roommate would have noticed). I said I would cover those for him.

His response: "Do you have a boyfriend? Maybe you could just take me to dinner." Creepy, right??

I said I had a boyfriend but I would be happy to give him some money for a dinner. He said it sounded fair and to let him know when I was back in town.

It has been 5 days since I have dealt with this guy. I am back in town and don't know if I should contact him.

My questions:

1. What are the odds he is lying about the injury just to claim worker's comp so he could get paid to be out of work for a few days?

2. Can he do anything against my dog at this point since he said he wasn't going to do anything initially and I have it saved in a text?

3. Does the text about me having a boyfriend or taking him to dinner provide any proof that he had alterior motivations?

4. Is there any way for me to find out if he really got bitten or not? What if he just went back and purposely banged up his leg and pants just to get out of work? Many people have told me this isn't uncommon in the food delivery business.

I am just scared for my dog. He isn't a mean dog, but he is skeptical of people and I can't sit here and say no he didn't bite this guy, but I'm leary on believing if he actually did. It would take a major attack/bite for him to rip a guy's pants and it would have been noticed right away. And why did he wait FOUR days to go see someone about it? I'm just kind of at a loss...any advice or knowledge about this type of situation would be helpful.


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It sounds from some of the things you say as if you are in the US. If so, this is a UK site and although there are people here who can give good legal advice, it is unlikely to apply in the US.

Otherwise, you sound correct in your assessment that the guy is creepy and trying it on.
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I'm not sure why point 1 is anything for you to worry about.
If you aren't an owl don't sweat it- he actually sounds as though he#'s being pretty reasonable- and it's not creepy to ask a girl out for dinner once- it's creepy if you say no and he keeps on doing it- so just chill it's all pretty much a non event.
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Iwould worry about 4 , he sounds a bit pervy banging a pair of trousers.
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I`m really sorry. I can no longer answer dog related questions.x
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well he WAS bitten - your flatmate saw it happen!

it may not have seemed much at the time, but presumably it was worse than it looked and has now caused an infection.
i assume this is painful and worrying and also costing him in treatment - painkillers, antibiotics bandages etc - so i dont blame him want to recoup some costs.
presumably they are company uniform trousers - they may be a light colour and now stained with blood - and for the dogs tooth to go through his skin, it is likely it made a hole in the trousers - no matter how small - the company wont want him making deliveries in that state

if he was to launch any claim, he would have to prove the bite - photos, hospital bills etc, verification from the vet and a doctor etc - you cannot just make a claim like that without evidence.

his text is meaningless as he is entitled to change his mind

i agree him asking you out is a bit weird and innapropriate - but some blokes are just like that - will try as much as they can, all the time in the hope that one day, one girl will say yes - maybe you seemed so sympathetic and kind that he thought you seemed nice.
maybe he was a bit drunk and emboldened.
Keep your texts. Go to the police if he gets in touch again. Don't offer ANYTHING.
And KEEP YOU DOG UNDER CONTROL - for his sake as much as anything.

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How do I deal with a creepy delivery guy who claims my dog bit him?

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