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New Mattress has rusted!!

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lunaraine | 10:36 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | Law
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Good morning,
I have just 'bagged' up my 3 month old mattress as I noticed all the metal vents have rusted and the company I had it from agreed to replace it. However, have now found, having taken it off the bed, that where it has touched two bolts on the bedframe, that it has rusted them also! There is not another rust spot anywhere on the frame, which itself is only two years old. I do not have any damp in my house at all, so given the fact that the vents on the mattress have rusted I can only assume the moisture has come from the mattress itself and is responsible for this damage.

The other bolts on the metal plate are totally fine. Like I say, it is just where the mattress has touched there is a problem.

What should I do? I have just spoken to the company and they said to write to the management. What should I say? Am I right to complain and should I expect them to do something about it? The new mattress will end up with rust on the fabric too now.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers all.


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II have also just looked at the piece of paper that ended up beneath the mattress that has all the blurb on, and it is covered in spots of moisture. It looks like someone has sprinkled something like salt onto it, if that makes sense. On closer inspection on the frame, I can see a white furry mould along the central support too.
sounds like there is moisture in the room and that air couldnt circulate properly allowing mould to develop
all houses have moisture... some more than others and I bet if you hired a dehumidifyer youd see how much moisture is in the air in your bedroom
You may not have "damp" in the house, but (as Nosha has said) there will be lots of moisture in the air - particularly in a bedroom in Winter.
If this has only become a problem on this new mattress - and was not apparent on your previous one, perhaps there is something wrong with the materials/ construction of this one.
Yes, and (how to put this) bodies release water vapour when they get warm, which goes down as well as up through the covers.

I agree that water vapour is causing this, and that the manufacturer should have used zinc plating on ferrous fittings. But I think you are going to have to find a way of airing the mattress a bit better as well.
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Hi, the previous mattress was fine (just hurt my back). I understand that there is always some moisture, I have no other issues with damp in this house, well, bungalow. There are another three beds in here and they are all fine.

I did receive the replacement mattress and interestingly, this one has no vents at all and the material on the base of it, is totally different to the rusted one. Doesn't that raise the question of why they replaced it with no quibbles at all and the new one is different in the areas that caused me problems. Also there is the sheet of paper with it's peculiar spots on, surely that would not be caused by general moisture in the air? The spots look like something of substance has fallen on it and the paper has then drawn the moisture out.
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II should also say that it is a pocket sprung (2000) mattress that has a pillow top memory foam attached. In total it is almost 30cm thick. I have never had this problem before with the same bedframe in the same room with the same ppl sleeping/sweating in it.

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New Mattress has rusted!!

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