Legalities regarding use of toilets in a retail shop

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bookboo | 15:59 Sat 04th Feb 2012 | Law
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I was told by a former manager years ago that CHILDREN have a legal right to use a toilet (if there is one) in a shop. Is this correct or is it down to the discretion of the retailer?


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No law as far as I know, here's a 2008 Government paper. http://www.publicatio.../cmcomloc/636/636.pdf

I am more of the opinion that for H&S and security reasons, shops don't let the public use their loos as it opens up all sorts of legal opportunities for theft and public liability claims.
I agree with boxtops there is no legislation, which would force a retailer to permit the use of their staff facilities for someone of any age.
We don't have public toilets where I work (Co op) so don't allow the general public to use them if they ask, however I've been known to take small children in if they are desperate, and can go to the toilet unaided AND their parents don't mind me leading them off, lol.
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Thanks all. I'll read the link. It was only that my toddler and I were in Blacks today and he suddenly said 'I need a wee' so I went to leave the shop and take him to the nearest loo's when he almost wet himself so I quickly asked if he could use the toilet and they refused even though he almost wee'd all over the floor! It prompted me to remember what my former manager said a few years ago.
But where would it end if stores allowed you to use private toilets? Lunch in their rest room ;-)

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Legalities regarding use of toilets in a retail shop

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