Burnage murder, late 1960s/early '70s

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Suziebobs | 17:00 Sat 22nd Oct 2011 | Law
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I occasionally travel down Kingsway in Burnage, Manchester where I recall a murder occurred in the garden of a house, when I was living in that area as a youngster. The house was on Kingsway, close to the Mauldeth Hotel but on the other side of the road, on the corner of the first avenue after the block of shops (including Hunts) which lead in the direction of Green End. Violent crime is commonplace now but it wasn't then and I remember at the time feeling so saddened for the victim and her family - as I still do, of course. I just wondered if anyone else remembers it too.

I don't know whether the perpetrator was ever brought to justice, but vaguely recall that the police found a ring (to be worn on a finger, I think) close to the scene, which they believed had been made by someone working at Renold Chain and were hoping would prove potential evidence.

The only other thing I can remember is that I believe she had a brother, who attended at the scene sometimes in the hope of perhaps spotting her possible killer, if ever he revisited the site. The name Linda - maybe Stewart? comes to mind; I'm not sure that is correct, as my memory isn't what it was.

At least she is still being thought about now and again by someone who never knew her but knew of her and if any of her family are still around, I hope that their pain has softened with time.


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I have been thinking about this murder also and yes i think that was the young lady's name . I lived on greenend road as a child. Her killer struck again after being released - i think in the 80's in Bramhall Stockport.
I remember this terrible incident well, for the main reason that Linda was in my class at Alma Park Primary school in Levenshulme during the late 1950's. Linda was a quiet girl, and well liked by everyone. So very sad. My only other memory is that they did actually catch the killer.
Linda was killed by Ronald bennell from cheadle. He was sentenced to life.on release in 1983 he went on to kill again.wife and mother from bramhall.he hanged himself in strange ways in 1989. The coward avoided sentence.bennell was a sexual predator.who would of continued to kill.
Type Your Answer Here...Ronald bennell attended Broadway school in cheadle.was then working at renolds. He had sexual problems whilst at school.on release from Linda's murder. He caused 2 marriage breakups. Interfering with his predator way.the coward should of been hung after Linda's murder. Then the poor lady from bramhall would not of different.I bielive the *** tried a few attempts before being caught.
Type Your Answer Healso there was a question asked weather Linda was pregnant at the time .I'm sure that was in the paper at the time. Can anybody confirm this.
Type Your Answer Suzie bobs still on line .could do with an anserw to the question.
This could be coincidental but a Linda Stewart was the sister of my late father Brian Stewart and although he never did speak much about her i do remember he saud she was murdered when i asked about her picture and from what i do know is the comment about him commiting another murder after being realesed from prison is correct, i always remember his anger he kept built up inside. i never did meet her but we did have one black and white picture of her smiling in the family home and was only talking to a friend about my family history that she chanced across this thread and just reading these comments as really opened my eyes to what really happened and it just seems surreal. is there still anyone around Burnage who actually knew her as i am still local myself, its nice to know she was remembered by so many.

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