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jkz | 15:33 Fri 16th Sep 2011 | Law
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My wages are paid to me every two weeks direct in to my bank account
However today l have received a memo saying that
Due to changes in our banking T&Cs we can no longer guarantee payment of wages
To staff on a Friday. Payment will now take up to 4 working days and as such payment will now usually be in your account on the Monday

PLEASE NOTE allowing for worst case scenario bank holidays etc we can only guarantee payment by Wednesday of the following week with effect as of next payroll period.

Are they allowed to do this by law


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what does your contract say regarding pay and are you paid in advance or arrears?
It seems to me that they are simply warning you that it could happen but you may find that generally the pay will still go in on Fridays.

It may be that they were paying you earlier than agreed and are now going to be paid on time.

Has there been any consultation or explanation of what might happen if payments are delayed to the Monday and you incur any bank charges a s a result?
Looking on the bright side you could argue you are lucky to be being paid fortnightly- they could have chosen to move to 4 weekly or monthly system
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that l am aware my contract says my hours may change but nothing about payments (l need to read again) but have to be back at work 30mins. l am paid arrears
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l am being paid every two weeks at the moment but this way l get paid every eighteen days and paid for forteen so they are holding onto 4 days payments
No you will get your full pay, just may receive it later. it sounds as if the bank my have withdrawn their BACS payment facility and they are having to process it by paper credit transfer.
You won't get paid ever 18 days- apart from the first week of later payment you will still be paid every 14 days. They are not holding onto your money any more than any employer does who pays staff fortnightly and you are certainly waiting less than you would if they were changing to monthly pay.
If you do get it late it'll only be one working day later than at present.

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wages payment date - changes

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