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advice on witness staement needed please

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candytree | 14:58 Wed 23rd Feb 2011 | Criminal
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My husband and i were away for a night at a ball, he got extremeley drunk and and later in the room attacked me because i didnt want to have sex punching me to the head. I left and next day my friend talked me into going to the police. Police said as its his first offence he would worst case senario get put on an anger management course so i agreed more so as i needed him to know he cant do such a thing. when the police finished writing her statement (she had meant to have finished her shift 1hr earlier) she didnt let me read statement but just made me sign it (my friend is a witness to me not given chance to read it). He was charged with common assault. I tried to retract my statement 3 days before it going to court but no one would see me. At court they upped his charges to abh, sexual assault and sexual harrasment and i am so upset by it as its far too harsh. They let me retract my statement the day after court and told me im now no longer allowed a court injunction yet she phoned me last week asking if i still need one so im slightly confused. Case is back in court next week for a date for crown court. I have wrote letters of complaint about my statement etc and no one will get back to me. I want my husband to know he cant do what he did to me or anyone but how can they be so harsh on someone who has no previous. The police have completely pushed me into an awful situation. My husband cant remember hurting me he was so drunk. I have now been summonsed to court but wont be speaking even if im in contempt.
hope someone has some advice. thanks


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he sounds like a maniac, and he's broken the law. you can't report him, then expect to be able pick and choose how he's punished.
"how can they be so harsh on someone who has no previous"
i agree, how dare the justice system think its acceptable to punish someone whos never done anything like it before. Rapists / murderers / robbers. They should all be allowed to get away with first offence. Like a "get out of jail free card" that can be used once.
what the hell are you doing in a violent relationship!!!!!!! you shouldnt have signed anything without reading it advice is get out of the relationship before he kills you!!!!
How did the p0lice woman "make" you sign the statement??
you are surely not serious. You want him to know he's done wrong, but don't want him to be subject to the law. You want the police involved but you don't want them to do anything. you want an injunction,but you don't want to allege anything happened. The law is NOT your plaything

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advice on witness staement needed please

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