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cherrypoker | 23:38 Wed 16th Jul 2008 | Criminal
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Hello all!

I posted a question here a few days ago about outside probation and whether they can influence probation inside a prison. I also explained about my partner who is a catagory c prisoner but being held in a catagory b prison where he has been for 15 months.
Anyway i received a letter from outside probation today to say that they had been instructed by the resettlement prison he had applied to.
This is what the letter says...

I have been instructed by hmp ... to make contact with you as (my partners name) is eligible for a move to a resettlement prison.
As part of the decision making process i have been asked to write a home circumstances report. In order to complete this, would you please contact me on the above telephone number as soon as possible.

Does this mean he is going to move??
It sounds self explanatory, however we haven't had much luck with probation so i wondered if anyone had any ideas?
I have rang her and she is coming to our home on Friday.



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Have a look again at my original post.
It may be that they are trying to establish if he is at risk of trying to abscond because of his personal circumstances
Just be honest!!!!!

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He can't abscond from a catagory c prison. He isn't allowed into the catagory d side until his appeal has been heard, which has been in now for 9 months. He is appealing against conviction and sentence.
By the way be honest about what? I have been completely honest. He is a model prisoner at the moment and apart from this incident he hasn't been in any serious trouble before. Don't get me wrong he's no angel but doesn't deserve this either.
Your partner moving prison doesn't just affect him it affects his family too maybe shes just coming to check if you are ok with him moving prisons, if its further away you may have trouble getting there to visit, if there had been problems in the relationship and you'd be scared if he moved closer. she probably just wants to know if your supportive of his decision to move.
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Thankyou. I didn't really think about the 'being supportive' part. Do you think it sounds as if he will be moving?
They must be seriously considering it if they are bothering to send someone round to see you.
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I really hope so, it's bad enough that he's in there but it would be a lot easier on our 3 children and that's the most important thing.

Thanks again.

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