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Police bail

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Tichfield | 18:54 Sat 21st Jun 2008 | Criminal
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What is the position if following questioning the police want to bail you and you refuse to accept that?


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if you refuse bail,then you will be kept in custody,you idiot.
Ouch !.

That reality hurts Norman !!.

Perhap's he is safer in custody.
But true - you'll be remanded in custody and taken befoere he next court, bit of a ****** if its the Thursday before good friday as you're in the cells for 5 days!!
Not in cells 5 days Magistrates sit in standby courts saturdays and bankholidays
Not here they dont.
The only Saturday court here is a youth court.
Believe me adult court magistrates do sit on saturdays and bank holidays along with a youth court magistrate. Both adults (usually bail applications) and youths are brought in.
I think the questioner refers to police bail for further enquiries, not bail after charge.

You can't refuse to accept it. The police will outline your obligation to return. if you then don't return on the date and time specified, you might be arrested.

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Police bail

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