Probation And Prison Overlap

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scracy | 19:28 Tue 15th Mar 2016 | Criminal
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I have just received a suspended prison sentence with an 18 month probation order. Also I am to be incarcerated shortly with regards to a separate offence. Has anyone any knowledge of whether the probation order will either; still end at the end of the 18 months (as of now) or; 'pause' whilst I'm away and continue from where it had left off?
Many thanks.


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It will probably be revoked as "unworkable". You need to get your brief to mention it at your incarceration hearing or problems may arise when you are released.
And I forgot to mention that you will be supervised for twelve months following your release anyway.
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Thank you for your quick response.
I was aware of the new law which came into place recently regarding the 12 month supervision order irrelevant of sentence. However your answer is something I never thought a possibility. On top of the order of probation is also a restraining order. Would you think this also be thought of as unworkable? Cheers.
No, scracy. Not unless the person who you must not contact is going to the same HMP as you! The restraining order will certainly remain in place.
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Thank you again. As you have been most helpful, I wondered if you could help with this; My upcoming imprisonment is due to a rather serious dangerous driving offence. My vehicle is impounded by the police as of now and they have applied for a confiscation order on said vehicle. I I'm looking at the maximum sentence available [2 years] and will of course lose my licence for a number of years. The vehicle is now my largest asset. I wondered how often and how likely it is the judge will make the decision to indeed have my vehicle destroyed?
They won't have it destroyed, they will sell it at auction and keep the money as a form of 'fine'.
Question Author
Thanks, unfortunately due to the incident, even though the vehicle was of some value beforehand, it was smashed up rather badly and is probably not worth much at all now. Most the windows have been smashed out and it has many dents and ruined steering. With this in mind, would you still think they would try to sell it?
They'll sell it but probably only get scrap value.

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Probation And Prison Overlap

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