Assigned Cases By Police Ranks, Minor Or Serious Offense?

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Limit1 | 03:59 Mon 01st Apr 2013 | Criminal
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I am after some general info if one can clarify,

Does it depend on severity or complexity of cases that who investigates them? i.e. Can we assume that assigned cases or cases being investigated by lower rank officers i.e PC or DC are generally of minor offense nature and cases assigned or being investigated by senior officers i.e Sergeant or Inspector are of more serious crimes?


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Hey Limit1,

It's more about what departments deal with what type incidents but the majority of all crime is investigated by PC's and DC's with Sgt's and Inspectors doing the managerial side of things.

PC's and uniformed officers generally deal with core crime, serious, complex and organised crime being dealt with by CID units (Detectives).

There are hundreds of different units that specialise in specific areas, e.g., Traffic (the easiest job in the police), fraud units etc etc.

Most senior officers in todays police would have never seen a 'criminal'. a 'senior' officer is unlikely to investigate crime although the rank of Detective Chief Inspector normally leads 'major' crime investigation and known as the SIO (senior investigating officer). Det Insp is also a busy role.

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Assigned Cases By Police Ranks, Minor Or Serious Offense?

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