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Mental Health act - Please help!!!

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kaneybaby | 13:33 Tue 03rd Mar 2009 | Civil
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Im a 21 year old uni student, my problem is with my mum, shes been an alcoholic for 5 years and in that time has slowly lost a grip on reality, her drinkin has made my home life hell, shes only a small woman and has stopped eating almost entirely, she drinks in the region of a litre of vodka a day straight. she doesnt drink openly but hides bottles all round the house. She blames the whole family for her drinkin and has even go as far to say the worst day of her life was the day i was born. She was recently become violent while drunk and trys to slap or punch any 1 who finds a bottle and confronts her. She has also gone as far as to try and stab my dad while i was in the room, i had to restrain her and indoing so got cut myself. she throws plates, cups, knives and pretty much anythin she can get her hands on at us.
In the past year she has begun hallucinating and its gettin worse, she see's people who arent there, at one point she was convinced someone was living in the cupboard. she talks to herself or her hallucinations and screams and swears at them during the night. She spent a week and a bit in hospital for this in october. but never truely got over it, we still hear her talkin to people in her room that arent there. The reason for this question or plea is because yesterday she was found in a park rollling round on the floor shouting and swearing at imaginary figures for 2 hrs and was taken to hospital and later discharged. I am scared of what she is capable of doing if she starts listening to these hallucinations, she is suicidal and has allready made one attempt, im scared that she may harm either herself or one of the family in the middle of the night if she completely loses it, i really need some help thankyou for any comments


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Get on to social services at once.

I have experience of this and can tell you that they won't locke her up or force treatment on her unless she agrees.

Its a sad fact but nothing can be done without her agreeing until she actually does something dangerous to either herself or others and that person persues a complaint.

It may seem harsh but you could report the knife attack. This could generate a court appearance and (if found guilty) you could ask the Magistrate to sentence her with a requirement to attend a alcohol rehab program.

Its a chance because if the CPS don't prosecute, then you either have to live with her or move out.

Good luck, make sure you stay stronger than her and you'll survive.
So sorry to hear of the problem with your mother. The scenario you describe sounds identical to what took place with a female neighbour. All the elements you describe were there. Ask your father to contact the GP and ask for a psychiatric assessment for your mother. Sad to say your mother is a very long way down the road to no return. My friend was admitted to a secure mental unit for assessment after being seen at home by a specialist doctor. This was after her pulling the gas cooker to pieces and the house filling with gas, she was rescued from this situation by the fact that I had called round with a meal for her. Brain scans were arranged, and the result was that 45% of her brain was already destroyed. It was then decided she was no longer safe to be in her own home, and was admitted to a secure residential home, where she continued to deteriorate, and within 18 months she had lost practically all brain function, didn't know any of the family, and died at just aged 58 years. I'm sorry that this is such a bleak reply, but it really is imperative that your mother now has professional care, as the home situation is horrendous and dangerous for all concerned. Please do explain to your father just how important this is. By the way like your mother, my friend was drinking a bottle of vodka each day. My best wishes and hope you can persuade your father to do what is the right thing for your mother.
She is unlikely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act if she is drunk.

The sad thing with people in your mums situation is that have got to want to stop drinking and at the moment she doesn't sound like she is at that point.

Is she seen by anyone in the psychiatric services?

You or your dad need to contact the Police if she becomes violent again.

You and your dad sound like you need some support. This group are very good

Is there somewhere else you could live?

As Compostella suggests, contact Social Services

Good luck
Question Author
thankyou all for your replies, the thing is its not just when she is drunk that she hallucinates, its in the mornings as well before she buys another bottle, and yes she has been seen by psychiatric services, but she is also a nurse and knows how to manipulate the system, she tells them what they want to hear, and also with regards to living somewhere else i cant do that, because i have two younger twin sisters living at home and refuse to leave them in that situation or my dad for that matter. its just getting worse, shes been into rehab so many times ive lost count and each time she goes 2days and gets back on the bottle, my dad has tried offering her money to move out of the house but she refuses, and also he doesnt want to see her on her own, none of us do, because i cant imagine my mum taking her own life on her own. i just thought that if she was sectioned she could get the proper help she needs, because she wont do anythin for herself
They don't section people easily, I know its sad and that you can see she needs it but the law just won't allow it.

Resources are also another factor.

I share your exhaspiration and know exactly how helpless you feel. I kept going round in circles unitil a violent situation happened and then we persued a complaint with the police. he was then taken under the wing of a social worker who helped him along but he's still not right even now however he is out of our lives at least.
Contact Al Anon...they will help you and get your mum help. Samaritans will advise if you cant find Al Anon. Your mum is a good candidate for Alcoholic clinics.....Priory have a network around the country. Certain cases can by treated under NHS - ask your GP, or find your local clinic and demand your GP have your mum admitted.

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Mental Health act - Please help!!!

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