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Inheritance Tax after second parent dies

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Robert G | 19:50 Thu 10th Jan 2008 | Civil
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I'd like to know a.s.a.p. whether the Inheritance Tax threshold in respect of my father's recent death is likely to be �300,000 or �600,000. I am confused because I cannot seem to get my head round how Inheritance Tax works! My mother died 16 years ago and her Will ensured that all her assets passed to my father. No inheritance Tax was payable on her death. At the time of my father's death he owned his house but I don't know whether, while my mother was alive, they owned the house jointly or not, (my mother's last Will was made before the house was bought and so makes no special mention of the house) but perhaps this makes no difference? I'd be most grateful for any enlightenment, please.


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It will be �600,000.

When your mother died all her assets went to your father - under spousal exemption there was no IHT.

As no assets went anywhere else, none of her IHT allowance was used up - therefore 100% of it is available to use now.

The past ownership of the house is irrelevant.
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That's what I hoped to hear. Thanks a lot for your help.
can i ask a stupid question? is the IHT in England different from Scotland. I thought the IHT threshold in Scotland was �1m?
No difference in Scotland that I know of.

Maybe when the Tories take control of the Scottish Assembly.......

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Inheritance Tax after second parent dies

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