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GypsyGSD | 16:24 Sun 26th Feb 2012 | Civil
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The jack russell terrier who lives next door to my daughter is constanly digging under the fence into my daughters garden, up untill now she has taken the dog back and the owners has patched the fence up to keep it in 3 times last week this occured the owners leave the dog for long periods of time it has now got into the garden again and has dug large holes in certain areas, destroying plants my daughter also has 4 cats which the dog constantly chases when in her garden is there anything she can do , she has taken photos of damage , dog in her garden etc and is saving to put up a fence her side where can she go for advice on this matter x


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She could try scattering this along the fence just at her side...........

Open the back and front door when it gets into the garden and let it go walklies , hard but sometimes lessons have to be taught .
KJN if this is a small dog thats totally unworkable it will get run over . try some chicken wire put down about six inches below fence (ie in a trench then back filled )
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Tks for the replys she is a animal lover so letting him out not a option , she will be renewing her side of the fence but her garden is huge and shes saving like mad but her point is shes trying to secure her side but her neighbours just put planks or boards up and to be fair its not her dog x
A Jack Russell terrier will not be a dangerous breed but they will dig, this is in their nature, (I am a dog lover) under the 1971 Animals act the keeper of any domestic animal is liable to pay compensation when their pet causes damage of a kind that the owner was aware was characteristic of the nature of the pet.
I suggest you make the owner aware of the damage done and that your daughter will hold the owners responsible for the cost. If the damage continues your daughter may wish to ask a solicitor to write to the owners reminding them that they are responsible for any damage, and enclose a bill. It is also an offence under the 1960 Abandonment of animals act to leave any animal (in practice usually a dog) on their own all day, this can be reported to the RSPCA who, if the circumstances justify it, are happy to prosecute.
You may have to use the civil law to have the bills paid and this may well cause difficulty with your daughter’s neighbours, this will be at your daughter’s discretion.
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Again thankyou for the replys they are very helpful, it annoys me that ppl take on the terrier breeds without knowing what there history is jack russells are ratting dogs, I my self own german shepherds and dread to think what would happen if mine were running free x
i would write a formal letter, outlining the situation and what you expect them to do - it is their responsibilty to keep their dog out of your garden and you will be seeking recompense for every little bit of damage everytime he does it - be it new soil, new flowers, even new cat, should it get hold of one of them.
explain that you should not have to keep returning the animal and fixing the fence and if they still wont deal with it, say you will consider the dog a stray next time and take the dog to the pound ...

i know its harsh and im not saying do that, but letting them know you mean it and that not fixing it could cause more issues may make then sort it out

you could also, assist them by printing out relevant products etc such as deterrents, electrical and chemical, and types of fencing, to show them what you are expecting of them.

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