How do I find out who the franchisee is?

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Stu Dent | 20:59 Sun 16th Oct 2011 | Civil
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It's easy enough to find out who controls a PLC or Limited company. But how does one identify a franchisee?

Let's say that "Luscious Lamb" decide to open a chain of restaurants specialising in serving up succulent lamb dishes to eaters across the UK and do this buy opening franchises in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Belfast, Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

How do I find out who "owns" the "Luscious Lamb" restaurant in Glasgow?



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Phone and ask them?
You might find their name written over the door, as licencee to sell alcohol - or apply to Companies House, they should be registered there?

(basically from companies house)
Sorry, Chuck, but I can't see how a Companies House search will help unless
(a) the franchisee is operating his business as a limited company ; and
(b) the franchisee clearly displays the name of that company at his premises.

For example, most Burger King outlets are operated by franchise holders. Searching for 'Burger King' on the Companies House website will only show details of the main company, not of individual franchise holders.

(Also, your link goes to a commercial website, rather than to the Companies House 'WebCheck' facility).
Question Author
Are you sure, Chuck?

I'd say that companies house could tell you who the directors of the "Succulent Lamb" group are, (just as if you checked MacDonald's Pizza Hut, Burger King or Domino's): but would companies house tell you who is the franchisee of such an individual restaurant?

Meant to write 'by' opening franchises in London.... Doh!
Question Author
Thanks Chris.
I misread the question, I thought the OP wanted to find the owner of the franchise, not the operator of a branch.
Local Chamber of Commerce?
If the franchise serves hot food after 11pm it must hold a licence to do so. The local council will have details of the licence application (showing the business owner) on file. That will be a public document.

Premises selling food must also be registered with their local council (irrespective of the food service times). I'm not sure whether the register is a public document but it could be worth asking the council.
Another place you could try (using the same technique as Buenchico) is at the local planning office - to see if the leaseholder made a planning application to modify the premises when setting up Luscious Lamb in Glasgow in the first place. However it is possible for such an application to show only the name/address of an agent making the application.

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How do I find out who the franchisee is?

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