Working Part Time

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

More and more of us are opting out of the traditional nine to five, five-days-a-week job and instead attempting to find more flexible working conditions. For some this means changing from full time work to part-time work. Most employees are open to the idea of flexible working even if they do not currently offer it as an option – there are benefits for the company as well as the employee.

Part Time Work Advantages

This generally means you will be working fewer days or fewer hours a week. There are several advantages in working part time. These advantages can be as simple as the obvious: having more time off. Having more time away from work gives you more time to spend with friends and family – this can be a really good way to hold things together if you have children or elderly relatives.

If you are considering changing careers working part time can be a good way to get back into the job hunting market – it will give you time to reassess your career and consider your options.

Part time work also allows you to study. Considering the rising popularity of part-time study there are options available for those who want to improve themselves.

Disadvantages of Part Time Work

The most obvious disadvantage of working part time is the money – or rather, the lack of it. The lower income is something to really consider before beginning discussions with your employer: can you afford to live on a lesser wage? How will it impact upon your life?

The second disadvantage is the removal of status within the company. Part time workers will not be as involved in the business as full time employees. Because of this it is unlikely that you will have a “hands-on,” or “dynamic,” role within the company, more than likely you’ll be put in a position with little room to manoeuvre in terms of your career.

Securing Part Time Work

For those looking for a job, part time work is a good way to prove yourself to be a valuable asset – it is a very good way for both the company and the employee to find out whether they are compatible.

But for those wishing to reduce their hours they may have a fight on their hands! It can be very hard to secure part time work if you are currently working full time. You will need to prove to your employer that the work you can produce is something of worth and it is manageable in a shortened time frame.

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