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Getting a job at Currys, Comet or Pc World advice

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thatguy5 | 00:03 Mon 24th Jan 2005 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, i am interested in getting a part time job at the local currys, comet or pc world (they are all next to each other), i don't know too much about the process of getting a job so please bare with some silly questions. I am hoping to get working times that fit in with my college timetable.. is this possible or would they frown upon the fact that i am studying (i am currently 18 & this is my last year of college)?

I have never had a job before so i don't know too much about this, how do i go about getting a job at these places? For getting a job at these places should i prepare a CV? Also, for a guy my hair is kind of long and messy, would it better suit my chances if my hair was short and neat?

Thank you for reading & any comments left.


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You just need to go in to the stores & ask if they have any job vacencies & for an application form.  Usually on the application form there will be a bit where you write your availability (what days & hours you can work).  Shops often employ students part time & at weekends, so it shouldn't be a problem :-)

Shops realise that this sort of work appeala to students and accept that college is your priority. They will certainly work your shifts around your studies.

Bite the bullet, brush your hair, and wander in asking if there are any vacancies at the moment. They will probably give you a form to complete and send back.

Good luck!

Re. your hair - make sure it's clean, and tie it back. Most non-food shops don't object to long hair uncovered, but for the more conservative customers, they like a semi-smart appearance for their staff, so tying your hair back shows that you intend to present the right image from the start.
Check out the Dixons stores group corporate website for vacancies in Dixons, Currys, PC World and The Link!ut/p/.cmd/cs /.ce/7_0_A/.s/7_0_GV/_s.7_0_A/7_0_GV

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Getting a job at Currys, Comet or Pc World advice

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