Where can I get funding for HGV training?

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niteowl40 | 20:19 Fri 28th Aug 2009 | Jobs & Education
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I am considering an HGV articulated driving course, and I am wondering as to what funding I would be entitled to. the Government have decided to help us by assisting with the cost of training. However the only "help" I can find is a loan, which obviously we would have to pay back, so this is not really any help at all.

i have been long term unemployed so loan would be out of the question i have tried to see if the job centre could help but speaking to them is like talking to brick wall as we know they are not the sharpest tool in the box but has anyone who has been unemployed gained funding from the job centre recently for a hgv course


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I take it you think jobcentre staff are smart enough to keep paying your benefits, long term.
you say that the government have decided to assisst you - how? i dont understand, if they are assissting you, what other help are you looking for?.
Why is having a loan no good? If you do the training it is presumably so you can work? If that's the case, you will be able to pay back a loan. Sorry i have not had any recent experience like you ask, But what have the job centre staff actually said to you when you asked the question - surely it was either yes, no, or we don't know but here is how to find out?? are you implying they are thick because they gave you an answe you didnt want?
I have recently been talking to a friend of mine and, as he was made redundant in March, I feel he has a good idea of what you are going through.
He feels very much the same way, angry and frustrated at the constant lack of available support from this 'caring, working man's' government. He asked initially what he could expect in the way of available courses for re-training and was told that there was 'no access to funds at this time' - so the government is being two-faced. On the one hand they want to be seen encouraging education, training and learning new skills, and on the other they are saying sorry no money to help do this.

However, he doesn't blame the staff at the job centre, nor does he insult them. He knows that they are there to try and help, but fighting an uphill battle because of the lack of ideas, poor economic strategy and total lack of caring from this useless, self indulgent, greedy and criminal government.

Good point made by bednobs - why not take the loan? If the job you want to do is really in demand in your area, then there should be no problem. Also, you need to remember that the people in the jobcentre are human too. Just because they can't help doesn't mean they wouldn't if they could.
Find a job with a transport company and after your good work you could ask them to sponsor you for an HGV. Normally, such training is 'on contract' for X years employment.
dont go into hgv, i used to work for one of the major companies, i bet you have spoken to them, these training co ordinators are pitching you to part with money you dont have and then struggle to find a job as you have no experience.........steer clear and keep your money safe.........if you could get it funded its done by the department of work and pensions.

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