A degree in juggling - whatever next?

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AB Asks | 11:49 Tue 13th May 2008 | Jobs & Education
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University is no longer only for those who want to study law or become medics. In a British university you can now do a Street Arts Performance Course. It is two years in length and aims to "boost skills in relation to business and legal affairs." It has sparked some debate with Nick Seaton from Campaign for Real Education saying: "People have been learning these skills for a thousand years they don't need an expensive course like this, taxpayers will be picking up most of the bill for this." What do you think?


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I'm waiting for someone to organise a degree course in "How to Lounge Around in the Sun Whilst Drinking Wine."
I just know I'll get a First Class Honours degree.
This is exactly the kind of question which infuriates me. A good university education is much broader than simply going to a lecture and completing an essay in your chosen subject.
So you can get a degree to be a professional busker??

Sounds like a great excuse for some lazy 'tree hugger' types to have 2 years courtesy of the tax payers, just to end up not paying tax themselves as they make a 'cash in hand' income in their chosen bohemian profession!

What a strange country we live in!

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A degree in juggling - whatever next?

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