part-time job-minimum wage & maximum hours for 15 yr old

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Neet | 15:03 Thu 23rd Aug 2007 | Jobs & Education
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Hi all,
I've read that the minimum wage for 16/17 year olds is �3.30/hour, but don't know about what my 15 year old can expect if she starts a weekend part-time waitressing job. Also, is there a restriction on weekend working hours, like there is on school nights (when it's 2 hours). She should do Saturday one week, Sunday the next, so just one day each weekend. Finally, is that �3.30 before tax?
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Minimum Wage figures are before tax.

Further information on child employment here... esAndTheLaw/ChildrensRights/DG_4002945
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Thank you so much Kempie, for your prompt reply. The site is brilliant. Still don't know what she can expect to get paid, but if she gets �3.30, she'll be lucky. Any more will be a bonus..! ;O)
I am seventeen and have two jobs, both waitressing. Both companies I work for employ fifteen year olds, and none of them gey any less than �4 an hour. My sister, who is fifteen, works alongside me as a waitress for 6 hours every Saturday and receives �4 an hour- which she is pleased with. I don't know whether it depends on area or what, but from where I am in the South fifteen year olds can expect anything between �4-�5. Most companies pay more than the minimum wage nowadays anyway.
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Thank you very much Lauren, this is really helpful. (We are in the south too, so it may be the same). My daughter would be delighted with �4 or �5 an hour, I'm sure, so fingers crossed!
Your daughter is subject to income tax, but don't forget she has a personal allowance like everyone else.

She would need an income of above �100.48 per week to be elligible for income tax.
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Thanks Ethel. As she won't be earning that amount (she should be so lucky, ha ha!), she won't get taxed it seems then.

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part-time job-minimum wage & maximum hours for 15 yr old

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