What is the actual date year 13's officially "leave" school?

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Jill49 | 09:16 Fri 13th Apr 2007 | Jobs & Education
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I am trying to find out what the date is when the students in year 13 are considered to have actually "left" school?

Some people are telling me it is 31st August so even after students have taken the A2 papers and are waiting for their results they are still officially "at school".

Some people are telling me it is at the discretion of the school / sixth form establishment and the students will be told when they have officially left.

I have also been told they are thought to have left after their last exam paper.

Some think they leave after their leavers' assembly or after their Prom night celebrations.

I know once the students are on study leave from sometime in May it would be very difficult to persuade them to return to school for any reason!

I have searched the education act to see if there are any guidelines but i cant find anything; if you can point me in the right direction to find the information or if you actually know the correct answer would you please post for me!

I thought i knew the answer but it seems there are many different opinions as to when the proper leaving date is so i hope someone can help!

Many thanks in advance!


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Most likely is the end of term date. I "googled" school term dates and found this: ng/Schools/SchoolLife/DG_4016103

It seems the dates are set locally, not nationally.

Hope it helps.
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Thank you for the link; however i am actually trying to find when a sixth form pupil is no longer classed as being a pupil and therefore the staff are no longer considered to be in a "position of trust" as the pupil has actually left the school establishment.

It is an ongoing discussion between a group of us who teach [various subjects] and no one can find the specific answer! Hence my post on here!!!!!

Obvioulsy we understand about being in a positon of trust etc and we all have enhanced CRB clearance BUT we were curious as to when the position of trust ceases, partly because as music teachers we do come across some of our students socially and are wondering how long the 17/18 year old year 13 students are still classed as being at school and when they are classed as having left - if that makes sense?
I used to teach in FE. Students were meant to attend until the last day of term, even after exams. (they didn't). I don't know how schools are funded. I'm sure in FE we were funded to teach uo to the end of term, so students would have been expected to attend.

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What is the actual date year 13's officially "leave" school?

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