What is the legal age to work behind the bar of a club or pub ?

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micko1962 | 16:09 Wed 07th Mar 2007 | Jobs & Education
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i understand you can do bar work in a PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB at the age of 16, unlike a PUBLIC HOUSE where the age is 18 ???
Ont he Club side would you still be covered if the club never had a membership scheme, so was a club by name only ???


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It is a common misconception that you must be 18 to legally serve alcohol in a public house.

The Licensing Act 2003 (Section 153) allows for the sale of alcohol by under 18s when supervised by a "responsible person" - defined thus:

(i) the holder of a premises licence in respect of the premises,
(ii) the designated premises supervisor (if any) under such a licence, or
(iii) any individual aged 18 or over who is authorised by such a holder or supervisor. htm#153
Hence the younger checkout assistants supermarkets have to call a supervisor when ringing up alcohol.
As has been correctly stated, there is no minimum age for working in a bar. Even in restaurants, there is no need to be supervised if the (under 18) waitress is taking alcohol to tables where food is served.
Dannydingbat is incorrect.. check out Section 153 of the Licencing Act 2003:

153 Prohibition of unsupervised sales by children

(1) A responsible person commits an offence if on any relevant premises he knowingly allows an individual aged under 18 to make on the premises-

(a) any sale of alcohol, or
(b) any supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to or to the order of a member of the club, unless the sale or supply has been specifically approved by that or another responsible person.

(2) But subsection (1) does not apply where-

(a) the alcohol is sold or supplied for consumption with a table meal,
(b) it is sold or supplied in premises which are being used for the service of table meals (or in a part of any premises which is being so used), and
(c) the premises are (or the part is) not used for the sale or supply of alcohol otherwise than to persons having table meals there and for consumption by such a person as an ancillary to his meal.

Soo... you must be 18 unless the place serves meals.
elcondor makes the classic mistake of not reading the text properly:

It is an offence for an under 18 to serve alcohol "unless the sale or supply has been specifically approved by [a] responsible person."

No approval is required where the supply is in conjunction with a meal.

I took my personal license about 4 years ago, so its still fairly fresh in mind.
Any age can sell alcohol on a licensed premises as long as a license holder is on the premises. That license holder does not have to be behind the bar but on the premises and authorises that child to sell alcohol.

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What is the legal age to work behind the bar of a club or pub ?

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