Employment Agency commission rates

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Neil72uk | 17:48 Sat 03rd Feb 2007 | Jobs & Education
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Does anyone know what the average commission earnt by recruitment consultants is?

I'm on an on-going contract getting �10 per hour working 37 hrs a week...the company I work for pay the agency �14 per hour for my �4 profit to the agent.

Is this typical of the agent's cut and would I be wasting my time asking for more? Seems to me that an agent with several workers on his/her books would be doing quite well for themselves...




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The 40% mark-up is not out of line. Yes, agencies that have lots of people on their books do well - that's kinda why there are so many of them up the High Street.
Can't comment on what you should be paid - rather depends on what you do.
Actually, if the mark up is only �4 the agent would need an awful lot of workers on their books to make it worthwhile.

Out of those �4s they will need to pay for office space, business rates, the wages of their office staff, telephones, heating, lighting, advertising, national insurance etc etc.

If you have enough people employed then the figures would stack up but in our business we'd need a far larger mark up than that to cover overheads.

And, no, I'm not an agent!

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Employment Agency commission rates

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