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Requesting a pay rise at work - procedure?

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VenalWinfrey | 11:30 Mon 27th Nov 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Hello everyone.

I am moving house this Friday, and my circumstances have recently changed - i.e. my monthly outgoings have doubled overnight! Yes, I smiled too...

Thing is, I have been in my current job for 3 yrs, am happy here and do not wish to move, but am paid badly (and below market rate.) I was considering writing a letter to request the possibility of a pay rise. Does anyone know what the correct procedure is? Do I write a letter and pass this to my direct manager in a short meeting, or do I simply inform her, and pass the request on to HR? Obviously I am assuming it is not appropriate to request a specific figure, but thought no harm in trying - they can always say no. But just wondered if there was a loosely standard approach to this - I have never made a request before. Any help appreciated very much!


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I would either request a meeting with your line manager or write a letter, don't go straight to HR as they would most likely have to refer back to your manager anyway and she probably won't be happy that you have gone over her head.

I would explain that you feel you deserve a rise and have prepared some reasons why you deserve it - don't say 'I am paid below market rate' (even if you are).

There are some hints and tips on this site:

Good luck, let us know how you go on.
I don't know whether you have regular performance appraisals in your company, but I would sit down and think of all you have achieved in the past 12 months and list any spectacular performances which have benefitted the business / improved sales / productivity, etc.

I think if you can go armed with some positive ammunition you will give yourself a better chance of showing you have earned the right to more money. (Unfortunately getting yourself a bigger mortgage is irrelevant to an employer, but an employee who has brought genuine benefits to the business is a different matter). Once you've got these arguments clear in your head, ask your boss for a specific time for a meeting, rather than catching her on the hop, and then go in a state your case. I think a face-to-face conversation is better than a letter and if you're nervous about doing this, rehearse your request in your mind beforehand.

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Requesting a pay rise at work - procedure?

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