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2 Job offers - HELP

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Fiszi | 17:41 Mon 25th Sep 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Hi. After ages of being unemployed I've just had 2 job offers. The first is working in a hotel near my home as a receptionist/bar staff. I started today and quite liked it even though everyone I know who has worked there has hated it. It has lots of hours (anything from 38hrs+ and most people work over 50 hours). That means lots of money which I really need to clear some of my debts.

The second it a job in a wine shop. I want to one day become a store manager and this job will make me a key holder and I will have lots of responsibilities but I'm not a manager. I've also been a key holder before so I'm not sure the experience matters. Also this job is only between 16 and 20 hours per week so much less money. However the people I've met there seem lovely and its a job I could easily get into and I'm unlikely to decide one day that I hate it and give up.

I really don't know what to do and I'm scared I'll make the wrong choice. I know money is important and I need to pay off my debts. The hotel would leave me with loads of money left each month to spend as I like. However I'm worried after a busy night behind the bar I'm going to realise just why I hate bar work and want to quit. Also I sence maybe a slight bitchiness amoungs some of the staff but I may be unfairly judging as I don't know them well yet.

Is being happy in your job and knowing you can stick at it more important than the money. I'd love that much money but I'm afraid after a while I wont be able to handle the job.


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Can you live on the wages from a part time job? Or could you get another part time job to boost your income?

Whatever you decide, remember it is not forever. You can and probably will change your job at some point, whichever option you go for.
Take the job with lots of hours, keep the spare money dont blow it (you wont have much free time to have a life anyway by the sound of it) save it to pay of your debts as quickly as poss and a build rainy dayfund then look at your options again.
I sense that being in debt is a big anxiety for you, and with bank rates likely to increase again in November, this means the interest on your debts will grow even higher. So I would set clearing your debts as your short term major goal and stick with the job offering more money. Be really stringent with yourself and pay them off as quickly as you can. Once you are debt free you can afford to look around at other job options. As you have recently been unemployed for quite a while, you will have discovered that unemployment and debt are BIG stress causers. One day is not long enough to get to know the hotel staff so be patient and give this job a fair trial. Every job has its downside, but if this one enables you to clear your debts quickly, that is a big "plus" in my view.

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2 Job offers - HELP

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