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mkt | 20:08 Wed 26th Jul 2006 | Jobs & Education
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This is going to sound really stupid but a question on a job application form asks me to recall a time when i stood up for something i believed in, even if i knew others may disagree......i am having a total mind blank!

I know none of you will know what ive ever stood up for but can anyone try to jog my memory with situation not particularly religious so i know i never wouldve really stoood up to be counted in that sort of argument.
Would be really grateful!


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Well, there was the time I went to a District Beaver Leaders' meeting where most of the leaders were women anxious to 'do the right thing'. It had been suggested by the district commissioner (who wasn't there) that we get the boys to do some fundraising to help homeless children in some third world country (the DCs pet charity). I was in a rebellious mood and suggested that it might be more pertinent for them to think about helping homeless children in this country.

Once I'd said it, several of the others said they'd thought that too, but didn't like to say anything, and in the end we did a fundraiser for Shelter.
Hmm, are you applying to join the fuzz perchance??
How about these:
Ever had a racist colleague or friend who held prejudiced beliefs?
Had to stay late after work because there was work to be done and no-one else would stand up and be counted?
Ever done a good deed for charity?
Ever stepped in to break up a fight?
Obviously, if your mind is an absolute blank then you'll have to make something up, but relate it to your personality and how you WOULD react in that given situation.

Good luck ;o)
Have you made a decision regarding school / college / university or work that your parents or partner disagreed with?

Because you knew your choice was right for you?

Defended a gay friend against others who were prejudiced?

There must be someting!

Watched a football match from the 'wrong' end and cheered when your side scored? There's brave! :)
Tell them you stood for a pregnant lady on the bus
why would anyone disagree with someone standing for a pregnant woman? or staying late at work? or doing a good deed for charity, or breaking up a fight? i don't see that any of those things would bring much opposition from others - or am i misunderstanding something?
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thanks for your suggestions guys, loads to be getting on with there!
but yeah just like the post made by Joko, my concern was that the things i had thought of weren't really standing up for my beliefs in the face of opposition, ........and thats when i went blank! Maybe im reading too much into the question
Think of the last time you had an argument - you must have been standing up for your "belief " against some one elses!
Just s thought. Good luck

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