pretty collegue - part 2

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sueking1 | 23:54 Tue 11th Jul 2006 | Jobs & Education
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It continues in our workload too - i feel that i do the majority of it, most the time shes on her phone to friends/bf or applying makeup or styling her hair - in works time! Shes always late and she'd rather talk about her and her life than chat whilst working (it all just builds up for me to do!)

I've put up with it for a year now, but i feel shes taking advantage, as I would help anyone if i can, but it annoys me that most of the time i run the office single handed. We work in a very relaxed atmosphere and managers wouldnt do anything if i were to bring it up - i dont want to cause any bad feelings or issues within the department.

To give u an example of how much she loves herself - she will plan what to wear on a nightout months in advance, take 5 hours to get ready and then complain people are staring at her and obviously checking her out. Its obvious she LOVES the attention but then tries to hid it complaining about it, and blowing it all out of proportion!

ahhh, i'm getting annoyed just thinking about it! Its a shame as she is pretty (on the outside) but so so ugly on the inside - I hate arrogants and believe there are more important things in life and the world than being so selfish!

Am i being harsh? If you have any suggestions how I can deal with this 'drama queen' let me know - remember i want to remain professional but need her to do her job instead of me having to do both!



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If your boss isn't one to deal with it then go higher - thats what I'd do or get transfered elsewhere in work if it bothers you that much. I would also tell her how I feel. And why are you doing her work? if it needs doing and she is responsible the simple thing is DON'T do it? - then she will suffer the repocussions.
Seriously life is too short to let petty minded self centered people bother you.
Have to agree that life is too short - ignore her and don't let her wind you up.

Just do your own job, don't do her work as well and it should soon get noticed that she does nothing.
I go with the others. Let her get on with her twittering and preening and leave her to her work for herself. Don't engage her in conversation, because you know how it's going to turn out, and if she starts, then either ignore her (yes, be rude, be very rude if you have to) or say something like, "yes, I'd love to talk, but I really have to get on with this right now, if you don't mind".

If it really becomes unbearable (because she's clearly distracting you from your work) then you're going to have to speak to the boss.

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pretty collegue - part 2

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