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Help with Job application please.

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tinshed | 18:46 Fri 24th Mar 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, i have to write a letter explaining why i would be suitable for the job i want to apply for. The key points are below. I have to give examples to show that im obviously suited to this position, but my mind has gone blank, any help from ABers would be fantastic.

1.Ability to produce reports and performance documents.

2. Understanding of processes and process working.

3. Ability to prioritise and plan work

4.Problem solving skills

5. Ability to source info from a variety of sources.

Any help would be fantastic.



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This is differcult to do not know what job you are applying for and what relavant experience you might have to list and write examples for.
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Really im just looking for general examples. The job is a co-ordinator for local council environmental dept.


Do you not think that asking this question would point to a funamental unsuitablity for a job that requires you to solve problems??
But then it is for the coucil so your probably an ideal candidate.

you're showing initiative for no 5!

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Help with Job application please.

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