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Why Was My Supervisor Funny With Me When She Thought I Said She Hadn't Shown Me Certain Cleaning Tasks When She Had

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abbeylee90 | 20:52 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Jobs & Education
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My colleague pulled I said it was very unfair I lost my hours when I hadn't been shown certain tasks she thought I said she hadn't shown me certain cleaning tasks.



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Abbey, I think you are rushing too much with your posts - some of the recent ones don't make much sense!

Can you rewrite that in a way that we might understand please?

When you say you "lost your hours" are you talking about when your hours were cut at the care home.

Rather than blaming your employers maybe you should just accept you're not suited to these jobs and look for something you are reasonably competent at

Question Author

I think I was to so my colleagu pulled my supervisor and I said it was very unfair I lost my hours as I hadn't been shown certain tasks then my supervisor was funny with me.

Abbey, that last post isn't any better! What does 'I was to so pulled my supervisor' mean?

Question Author

My colleuge pulled my supervisor to say it was unfair about cutting my hours

Maybe your colleague is just stirring to wind you up. Whatever, it is/was its water under the bridge, all you can do is work hard and do your best in your current job

Thanks, Abbey - so your colleague was the one who said it was unfair you lost your hours? In the post above it, you said 'I said it was unfair....' And you do know that this doesn't really matter? You accepted the big cut in your hours and stayed at the care home for weeks after that - and you're not there now!

Abbey, you have to let the care home go now. 

Does pulled have a different meaning nowadays from meanin moving something?

If your colleague pulled your supervisor, then that could be classed as assault!

Please reread your posts, use punctuation and don't use slang words, then once your post is clear thats when you press ANSWER NOW

Abbey, instead of wasting time thinking about past experiences, grievances, maybe you could concentrate more on the things you've been shown today, the ways  you could show that you are a decent, reliable worker etc? 

Tuvok, I wondered if 'pulled' should really have been 'pulled up', questioned...

Question Author

I mean just pulled her to one side to stick up for me to my supervisor. I did all I can to win my hours back.

Question Author

Was hard to let go as I liked it from the start.

Abbey, but when did this 'pulling' happen? Was it just after yiu had your hours cut, was it  weeks after it happened, just before you were let go? Why does it matter now? If that supervisor had been wrong and you showed, later, that you were an excellent worker, the care home would surely have given you some, if not all, of your hours back?

Let it go. It didn't work out.  For whatever reason, they didn't see you as an employee they wanted to retain. Some previous employers came to the same conclusion. Accept it; try to do better next time instead of trying to convince people like us that you've been treated unfairly

Question Author

Well before I was let go but my colleague didn't like when I told her when they first did it. They gave me cleaning shifts when they were short but more hours for one day.

Yes, the care home obviously thought you were ok for doing a few hours when they were short-staffed, but not ok for giving you any more than that, definitely nkt a full-time job. 

PS Dwelling on this will get you absolutely nowhere.

Question Author

I can't my shirt I need to return to the care home 😩 

Can't what? Iron it? Find it?  Ask your Mum if she's seen it, 

Question Author

Find hopefully it in the wash 

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Why Was My Supervisor Funny With Me When She Thought I Said She Hadn't Shown Me Certain Cleaning Tasks When She Had

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