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Does This Job Sound Difficult?

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abbeyleigh | 17:12 Sun 30th Oct 2022 | Jobs & Education
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I'm going for an interview for a workwear Operative but worried as some of it I haven't got experience.

Heat seal of garments with logos in pre-set positions through the heat seal machines within Asset House.Weeding and printing of heat seal transfers in line with expected job planning guidelines.Picking and packing of orders for dispatch.Moving of stock by hand or with lifting equipment or machines.Maintaining standards of health and safety, hygiene, and security at all times in the working environment to ensure own safety and safety of others.Embroidery of garments with logos in preset positions through the embroidery machines within Asset House.Rethreading and set up of all embroidery machines in line with expected job planning guidelines.Ensuring all goods are stored appropriately and in designated locations.Loading goods for dispatch.Input data regarding stock and inventory on to computerised system (Horizon) if appropriate.Carrying out stock counts as and when required.Ensuring all relevant paperwork is kept up to date, located in the relevant place and kept securely stored in line with GDPR regulations.Ensuring that all lifting and moving of products is carried out in line with manual handling procedures.Handling of hazardous materials in an appropriate manner.Always Keeping areas of work clean and tidy.

Key skills and behaviours needed:

Good standard of general education.Able to confidently communicate, receive instructions and deal with queries over the phone.The ability to work calmly and accurately under pressure.Able to work accurately to deadlines.Ability to be flexible and adaptable.Should show initiative and have good problem-solving skills.Must be able to work well within a team.Able to communicate well with colleagues in other departments


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You see the problem here, abbey? They need people who are problem solving yet you can't decide whether to attend the interview. In my view, every interview is experience and practice. Attend the interview and question them about the problem-solving skills, what sort of problems are you likely to encounter?
18:18 Sun 30th Oct 2022
Yes but couldn't take them as realised bad things about them

This is your problem, accept a job and see if you like it. Just because other people have bad things to say about a job doesn't mean that you won't.

Be brave and take the next job that you are offered.
What bad things were there. If it was because the hours impacted on your social life then you have to get your priorities right. If it was the work requirements then you need to expand your skills. Have you thought of doing some evening courses
at some point you got to make a move unless your going to stay at MaccyDs for ever. And the longer you stay the less likely you are to pick up new skills and experience's to help you get a new job .
If you keep pulling out after getting an offer you need to ask why your applying for these jobs, are you applying for the wrong things.... you need to think what you really want to do and how your gonna get there.
Think...What would your dream next job look like.
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Just didn't want to leave my job and not like it.
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Monday to Friday job either in a warehouse or receptionist
Receptionists must have excellent social skills, be able to deal with hostility and possibly aggression and think on their feet. People love to complain and the receptionist is the accessible member of staff and first in line for an earful of discontent or sob stories.

It is not the easy job many people think it is, stuck between trying to help the client and protect the staff from bothersome people
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Got my theory test same day and practising that more.
Abbey, life is not a bowl of cherries. Millions of people work in jobs they don't like, it's the only way they can afford to live and they come to terms with it.
Nowadays conditions have improved (we no longer send kids up chimneys), but you've got to learn to take the rough with the smooth, decide what compromises you are prepared to take to hold down a job.

As regards this particular job, read through the skills and behaviours needed and take a long hard look at yourself and decide whether you are a good fit at present.

Good luck.

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