My Dentist Was Inappropriate And Mocked My Mental Health, Should I Report Him?

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danille4days | 12:33 Sun 25th Apr 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I recently visited the dentist. The dentist had a weird attitude he seemed quite nervous and untalkative. When he was looking in my mouth, I could see him looking at other parts of my face all the time like he was checking me out.

He asked me if anyone heard me grinding at night and I paused and said no. He suddenly has an angry look on his face.
The next visit he seemed to be mocking me like singing and saying things like a good job in a sarcastic tone, he could see my medical records as I have PTSD and take many medications

. Anyway, he seemed to be mocking my mental health. He kept touching my shoulders and near my breast. When I left the dental room he was just staring at my breasts like a zombie. It was such a strange experience because I am always so polite to doctors as I really respect the work they do.But this was just a crazy experience for me and has put me off going back to a dentist anytime soon :(


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Yes, you should report this incident to whoever's the relevant authority.
Change your dentist or, if this is a practice of more than one, refuse to be seen by this one.
Find another dentist. That does not sound like professional conduct. We had an Irish dentist who used to 'sing' Danny Boy as he worked.
Have you had problems before with doctors or any other medical professionals?

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My Dentist Was Inappropriate And Mocked My Mental Health, Should I Report Him?

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