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Scarlett | 19:57 Tue 29th Nov 2005 | Jobs & Education
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I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job.

I feel I am getting physical symptoms of stress- tearfulness at work, stomach pains, heartburn, backache which is SO not like me. I am working all the hours doing preparation and marking, and eating dinner at 10pm. I feel I am on the verge of "losing it". I have a very unsupportive department and my College is doing very badly with utterly clueless people running it.

I only work there 1.5 days a week but it has taken over my life. I can't go off sick with stress as I have other jobs which I like, and which I have to do to pay my mortgage.

Anyone got any good suggestions, or anyone felt like this before about their own job? What did you do?xx



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Couldnt you get any more hours with the other jobs you have? I dont think it would be to hard to get another job for just 1.5 days, even cleaning in the college would be better than getting stressed out , good luck

Don't get stressed out. You are only working there 1.5 days per week so don't take it so personally. When you drop dead with stress they will just replace you. We think we are important at work but we are not. As soon as there are redundancies you can be thrown out no matter how loyal and hard working you thought you were. Nobody is irreplaceable. You need to remember that.

Sorry to hear about your job situation but in my opinion you are exhibiting all the physical signs of a breakdown. Part of you realises that you have to 'take action', but another part of you is loyal to your role, but in the end the most important aspect in all this is you and your health. What if I told you that in 3 months time you would have a breakdown, you are forced to go sick due to your problems then the organisation you work for sack you and replace you with someone else !

You have two choices do something or do nothing. Doing something involves possibly taking positive action about your job.If I were you I would go sick for a short time and take yourself immediately out of the stressful situation you are in. This hopefully will calm your mind and body down and you can reflect on your job, your life, and assess if you really want to carry on like this, or you could speak to someone at work, and see if you can get a job change, or take other action that will hopefully result in change for the better.

To do nothing will mean that you carry on like you are doing and sooner or later something detrimental will surely happen to your health which could have long standing problems. The most important part of this situation is you. Health is more important than any financial considerations.

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