Who Do I Need To Speak To, For Education Advice?

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EllieJP | 23:59 Tue 05th Mar 2019 | Jobs & Education
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I’m 29 years old, had no idea what to do with my life! Had a child.. Gave up all hope of making anything of myself.. However.. I’ve decided that I’m still young and still have a shot! I’ve an idea about what I want to do.. But apart from a few good GCSE’s I’ve got nothing! Who do I need to speak to to find out what I need to do next? I’ve tried googling and such but it all just reads jiberish to me! Please help!


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Contact an adviser at the National Careeers Service:
You have taken the first step.
Well done.
The second step will come soon.
I totally admire you.
You totally have a shot!!!!

What do you fancy doing? Can you share with us? Xx
Question Author
I’ve always had a thing for law.. I’m just unsure what kind of law to go into.. also something I’m hoping when talking to someone will make more sense..
Ellie are you in UK?
I believe Ellie is Tony.

Make that first move Ellie then you can think about what to specialise in - good luck.
ok Lynne then she needs to read this, but our legal beagles will probably give more advice.
OU is home study and there is a local advisory tutor to mentor you when you register.
Corporate law is a good branch to specialise in. firms pay good money for a good lawyer on the team.

As has been pointed out to you, the Open university is a very good starting point. You learn at home, and a local tutor will help and guide you. I think you can get a grant to help with the cost. The Open University: Distance Learning Courses and Adult Education
Good luck with whatever you do Ellie.
lawyer, dont you mean solicitor? Mind you if the poster is from across the pond then i will be quiet.
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Who Do I Need To Speak To, For Education Advice?

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