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Writing Application Letters/CVs

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Skithepowder | 23:51 Thu 16th Jun 2005 | Jobs & Education
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Just wondered if anyone knew any webpages out there that can help to guide you through writing your first CV and letters of application for certain jobs.

Also does anyone have any general tips for CVs and letters of application.




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Hi Skithepowder, there probably are sites to help, but I don't know of any myself; try a Google search or something. Then again, no doubt some brilliant ABer will know where to direct you!


It always used to be important that letters of application were hand written, but I think that's relaxed a lot these days, plus I suppose it depends on what type of job you're looking to go into: whether your handwriting will matter or not.


General tips are: the info that is requested on an application form is the info required on your CV; don't make it too long or the recipient will get bored reading it, usually 2-3 pages is plenty; make sure you add any extra achievements/skills besides those required for the job because it shows you're interesting.


Oh, and once you've compiled your first CV, each time something changes, make sure you update it and don't ever lose it because when you get a bit older it's a beggar to try and remember dates (or even years) when you did this, that or the other!


Hope someone comes up with something more helpful to guide you. What are you applying for, if you don't mind me asking?


The absolute limit for a CV is 2 pages.  I'll tell you here what mine includes:


  • Name, address, phone numbers, email, date of birth, N.I number, the fact that I have a full clean driving licence.


  • PG degree - where I did it and dates
  • UG degree - ----------- " -------------------
  • Secondary School - ----------"------------


  • What degrees, A levels and GCSEs I have


  • i.e., unpaid work experience
  • Firm name, dates, and brief details of what I did.


  • Same again: firm, dates, job description.


  • This is a section only used for people of around university age -
  • All the committees I was on at uni and at school


  • Hobbies and other activities, e.g., going to the gym, going out with friends





The important thing to to include all the relevent info for you.  Hobbies and extra-curricular should only refer back to the last 5 years.  They don't need to know that most of us have a 5metre swimming certificate!  The first thing you should do is to write down all your achievements and think where to fit them in. 

Remember to work backwards - in each section start with the most recent achievements. 

Layout and good spelling is important. 

Remember it's a sackable offence to lie on your CV. 

For the cover letter:


  • Your address top right
  • Their address below that but on the left
  • Then the date on the right
  • Then address it to the correct person
  • Remember to sign off correctly too.

A cover letter should never be more than 1 A4 side. 

You should use it to say:

  • A little about who you are (but don't repeat your CV, just say "As you will see from my CV...")
  • Why you are suited to the job.
  • Why you want to work for that firm in particular.
  • That you would look forward to the opportunity to meet them at interview. - this has templates on it.  However, PLEASE be wary of using templates.  Whilst there is a generally "done" format, having your letter using the same phrases as other applicants will put you straight on the "no" pile!

Good luck! :-)

Try they have an e-book that explains this in detail
Try this one out: http://www.resumeport...ory/computer-resumes. They have good resume templates and format as well as give out free resume writing tips.
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This one is very good – all templates are free – check it out:

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Writing Application Letters/CVs

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