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Help returning to Nursing after long term sickness

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bekib86 | 13:30 Sun 31st Jul 2011 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, thanks for reading this

I qualified in sept 2008 and worked on a stroke ward until dec 2009 when i injured my wrist. In these 15 months i was doing really well, really finding me feet, enjoying learning new skills and hard working. I had been on my staff nurse development course and just needed to hand in my finished work. Then i injured my wrist. I thought id be back in a month or to so the course leader said i could complete when i returned. Since then ive had to have 7 operations and subsequently lost my job as they could not keep my position open to me any longer.

My wrist is still not 100% but i need to start thinking about what i am going to do when i am fit to return, and i have no idea. I keep having panic attacks over this. I feel that noone will employ me as i basically have no experience. I have wasted a year doing my staff nurse development and cant even complete the course. I basically have to go back 3 years and start again. Im so scared. I dont know where to start.

I did my elective placement in Malta and loved it so would like to go back there to work eventually but feel i dont have the skills, i cant even remember how to be a nurse! And this scared me. I looked into a return to practice course but they are expensive and i dont have the time, i need to be earning money, i am already in so much debt being off work for nearly 2 years.

I just dont know what to do with myself, any help would be great, thanks

Beki x


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you don't need a return to practice course - your registration will still be vaild at the moment. You could always do the odd agency shift to ease yourself back into it. Even as an HCA if you want, just to get the feel of things again. Contact your old ward manager - there might be a vacancy and they may want you back
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Thanks, i cant return to the hopsital where i worked as my wrist prevents me driving and its 50 mins drive away. Im worried about going to another trust with the different policies and procedures. I think going on the bank as a HCA would be great but i didnt think i could do that. I used to work as HCA at my local hospital and when i qualified i asked to stay as HCA and they said i couldnt, insurance or something? Worth anther ask though, Thanks x
I think that it will all come flooding back to you the minute u get to the job! Im totally understand your feelings but i bet everything will come back and by the end of ur shift youll feel like uv never been away! Good luck xx

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Help returning to Nursing after long term sickness

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