Working Full Time Employed And P/t Self Employed

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j0nb0y | 03:38 Thu 20th Oct 2016 | Jobs
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I currently work full time for an employer, working in a warehouse. I have just been offered some occasional driving/ labouring work for a company, which would entail working away for 2 or 3 days every couple of months. The money the new company is offering seems very reasonable, but I would need to provide him an invoice and would be paid on a self employed basis.

Who would I need to inform if I decided to take him up on his offer? Would it mean a whole lot of additional form filling? What if I only worked for him once?

I want to do the right thing and declare what ever I earn, I am just wondering whether it would be worth my while.

Thanks in advance.


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You'll need to tell HMRC, for tax/NI purposes, this can be done online, but you can also call them. The second link specifically mentions your situation

The forms are online and not too bad, though it will mean that you will have to do self assessment online at end of tax year. Though this isn't too bad, as you will know your PAYE numbers and presumably have a record of your self employed work (it's just putting numbers in boxes).

This web site has a calculator for your situation (I am sure there are others, this was first one on Google) -

The other thing to think about is, if you are invoicing them, do you need to charge VAT? You do not need to if you are not VAT registered and you are under the threshold, currently £83,000. This link gives HMRC detail on self employment

Hopefully you can determine whether it is worth your while.
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Thank you pigletion. A very detailed answer and much appreciated. I will have a look at the various links. Thanks again.
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Working Full Time Employed And P/t Self Employed

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