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Jobseekers Allowance

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roxie_09 | 22:14 Thu 21st Jun 2012 | Jobs
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Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could help me. I have an appointment at the job centre tomorrow to discuss being entitled to JSA. I applied online on Sunday, I had an interview for a job Tuesday and have been offered the job today, however, I can't start work for a few weeks due to having to wait for a CRB to be carried out. I was wondering if anybody knew where I stood with regards to being entitled to JSA or simular. Hope that makes sense, TIA xx


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As long as you make it clear that you're still actively seeking (temporary) work for the intervening period, you should be eligible.

I'm unemployed but I get quite a bit of casual work. I've attended several interviews (of the type that you refer to) and mentioned that I'd be signing off again shortly (as I'd got an offer of temporary work) without it affecting my entitlement to JSA.

I had a similar situation at the end of last year roxie. Was made redundant on 21st December but had a job to start on 5th January and told them so at the first interview.
I had to sign on once and was paid JSA for the intervening period.
Good luck with the new gig.
Same situation now im awaiting a start date, aslong as you look for work in the meantime, you are entitled to it....

Im still checking google, papers, government sites etc untill i physically sign OFF...

So go for it xxxx
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Thanks all, so I tell them that I have been offered a job, but have to wait for an official start date? xxx
Yes, and you make it clear that you're still actively seeking employment to fill the gap.
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Thanks all, I shall be doing that then :D xx
It has been known for folk on JSA to be offered future employment so they make no other efforts to look for work in the meantime only for the employment to fall through. As others have said, it is important for you to keep looking for work and you must take more than two steps each week to look for work unless it is reasonable in the circumstances to take only one or two.
keep signing until you start work then sign off as the instructions say .
As long as you go through the motions to look for work and comply with the agreement you agree to then you should be fine
You never know this job could well fall through(not that it will but you never know)
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